Z-Sharp 1000 Red

The ZWEISSEN Z-Sharp 1000 includes three sharpening stages for your knives. The first two stages feature two tungsten carbide pre-set sharpening angles which ensure a perfect edge every time. The final stage is a ceramic stage that polishes the knife and gives it a final razor sharp finish. In the first stage, considered to be the "coarse" stage, cycle the knife back and forth 7-8 times, or as necessary, pulling the knife toward you. Use moderate pressure to get a sharp edge, but also protect the knife from damages. In the second stage, the "fine" stage, move knife back and forth again about 7-8 times to polish and hone the edge of the knife. In the final stage, place your ceramic knife into the "V" slot using slight downward pressure and cycle the knife back and forth 3-5 times. This will polish off the knife and give it a perfect finish.
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  • Professional three-stage sharpening mechanism
  • Creates double-beveled, razor-sharp edges that last up to twice as long as a regular edge
  • Wheel sharpening creates a long lasting and sharp edge
  • Non-slip rubber base
  • Comfortable handle
  • For stainless steel knives