Z-Sharp Rotary Twin

The ZWEISSEN Z-Sharp Rotary  Twin includes two sharpening stages for your knives. Each stage features two tungsten carbide pre-set sharpening angles which ensure a perfect edge every time. The first stage uses a sharpening wheel to sharpen and prepares the knife for the second stage. In the first stage of sharpening, considered to be the "coarse" stage, cycle the knife back and forth 3-5 times, or as necessary, pulling the knife toward you. Use moderate pressure to get a sharp edge, but also to protect the knife from damages. In the second stage, the "fine" stage, move the knife back and forth again about 3-5 times to polish and hone the edge of the knife. The Rotary Twin also has a suction pad on the bottom to ensure that the knife sharpener does not slide. To engage the suction pad, simply place sharpener on a flat surface and flick the switch. The Z-Sharp Rotary Twin is very easy and simple to use. Note that the two-stage design is intended for knives with a two-sided cutting edge, so be sure to check before you begin sharpening. Most knives are designed like this. The Rotary Twin is not suitable for Asian, coated, or ceramic knives.
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  • Professional two-stage sharpening mechanism
  • Creates double-beveled, razor-sharp edges that last up to twice as long as a regular edge
  • Wheel sharpening creates a long lasting and sharp edge
  • Suction base for safety
  • Comfortable to use